"Whole Foods" (Whole Paycheck) - The Devil in your pocket

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, as much as I enjoy seeing more 'all natural' food stores spring up (thank you "Trader Joe's", "Marlene's" and any 'whole-food Co-ops' I am unaware of), I have personally, however, not been a frequent shopper at "Whole Foods", although I've always thought of them as a big contributor. Why? Well, their nickname, "Whole Paycheck", may give you a clue. Also, I don't really have one close by me.

They have been popping up in the news and various blogs lately (Whole Foods and UNFI: Undermining Our Organic Future) and the reason has not been to give them a big ol' congratulatory pat on the back. In fact, not only do people believe that they've 'sold out', but their mastermind, Keith Lackey, has gone on a 'food religion' spree, killing any and all notions that meat and fat is healthy for you. Go Vegetarian or Vegan! You will no longer be a heathen! (Uck! Did I just give the vegans a new slogan?!)

My fellow 'Primal Blogger', Richard Nikoley, has adequately expressed his outrage with this new, 'healthy' campaign., which was based in response of the famous 'Low-Carb' community blogger/ celebrity, "Jimmy Moore" and his original article regarding this retailer's decision "..to actively market and promote a low-fat, vegetarian diet in their 289 stores."

I guess they are calling it the "Health Starts Here" Campaign, which focuses primarily on plant-based foods, which I don't have a problem with eating plants, but they hit a new low when they started touting that a healthy diet not only be void of meat, but low-fat as well!

Oh, and since I'm a naughty little saturated-fat and meat-eater, I won't partake in the fact that "[Whole Foods - Health Starts Here"] program participants would receive an additional 10% discount (on top of their 'Whole Foods Club' member discount of 20%).

To quote Jimmy Moore, "Now when you walk into a Whole Foods store, you are bombarded with pamphlets urging you to begin a low-fat, plant-based diet and cut back or remove animal foods from your menus altogether. Worse than that, there are no alternative books by respected low-carb authors like Dr. Robert Atkins, Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades, Dr. Barry Sears, or anyone else who is not on board with the vegetarian dogma."

They have signs all over the store, telling you how the product fits into the rating system for their idea of a 'healthy' food. To quote a hero of mine, Sally Fallon Morell from the Weston A. Price Foundation: "Many of the phytochemicals that Fuhrman includes in the index he developed for Whole Foods play no essential role in the body and may even be harmful, Fallon noted. Animal foods like meat, liver, butter, whole milk and eggs contain ten to one hundred times more vitamins and minerals than plant foods. Plant foods add variety and interest to the human diet but in most circumstances do not qualify as ‘nutrient-dense’ foods."

Also, my favorite high-fat-touting author and comedian Tom Naughton ("Fat Head" videographer): "I think John Mackey is preaching to the choir. I think the proper response for low-carbers is to buy from local farmers if you can. If you can’t, then shop at Whole Foods but be sure to stop by the meat counter, loudly order a porterhouse, then begin chewing it raw as you push your cart around the rest of the store. This won’t change the policy, but the other shoppers may be shocked into horrified expressions that will injure their brittle vegetarian jaws."

Don't know of any local farmers? Try "US Wellness Meats" for fresh and/ or frozen grass-fed beef and other all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free, pastured meat.

I know, I know, I just sound like a 'low-carber'. I never intended to be 'low-carb', honest, but now that I've done the research and have become a 'health test dummy' with my own body, I am now able to fight off the eczema outbreaks, the tendinitis flare-ups, the irregular bowel issues, the bouts of depression, the ups and downs in my moods (my husband is joyful of this, I am SURE!), etc, etc, etc!

Personally, my appetite is in check and I'm able to lose weight and keep it off with mostly protein, animal fat & vegetables. Poof!

Now, do what you must. Go your own route, but honestly, my 'beef' with "Whole Foods" is acting like they are going to save the world by punishing me for my 'unhealthy' food choices, when their special 'club members' will get up to 30% off!

How very 'Government Health Care Plan' of them to decide what is healthy for me and what is not! 10% tax on indoor tanning? Will I have a policeman run up to me with a hefty fine if I am seen eating REAL butter?

Stop trying to regulate people and allow them to be educated on their own. That's the goal of this blog and you won't see me standing on your doorstep, with a big, black garbage bag, 'urging' you to modify your naughty little pantry!

Food is like a religion to people, stop trying to force your religion on them and treating them like they are idiots!

I've made mistakes, still make them and will continue to make them in the future, but I'm smart enough to make a good decision when I realize it's benefits (and vice-versa).

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