The Pioneer Woman

Friday, March 26, 2010

I like to promote and 'lift up' others out there who like to keep themselves grounded with whole, delicious food, sustainable farming and just living the simple, healthy, good life.

"The Pioneer Woman" is, to me, one of those people.

Nutritionally, I wouldn't consume those homemade donuts or the other 'bready' goods that she makes from scratch, as they will make ME, not gonna happen for me, BUT, I want to live a pure, down-home, simple life.

I think my husband thinks I'm nuts and going through a phase (let's face it, I'm a woman, my mind changes daily!), but there's something to be said for growing your own food, no commuting with idiot drivers, petting and feeding tomorrow's beautiful steak and just taking more time to appreciate your children, your family and all that life has to offer.

So (sigh) until the Amish come to adopt me, I'll live vicariously through "The Pioneer Woman". Tipping my floppy, folded, red, cowboy hat to her (purchased in a Knotts Berry Farms' amusement park 'hat store' by my beloved 10 year old for this last years' Christmas Present!) and hoping that one day, my life will be so 'pure'.

Look here, is that a tumor? Is it from my cell phone, my laptop, the gas-emissions of my commute? What IS that?!! ;-)

Be inspired!

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