Light & Sound Therapy - Is it for you?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I thought I'd share something in regards to neurological modifications in our brain.

With the prevalence of insomnia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, memory-loss and other neurological issues, one has to wonder if these pathways can be 'fixed' or the damage 'reversed'. Well, as you may know with the fact that I even started this blog, I believe that the body is capable of some VERY fabulous 'self-healing', our neuro-pathways being one of them.

MindPlace Sirius Light and Sound MachineOne study, in the late 70's, found an incredible increase in memory and retention in college students, when utilizing Light & Sound therapy right before a big study session. In fact, they found a WHOPPING 80% increase in the college student's test scores!!

Can you recall that lovely little time and space between your rest and drifting-off-to-la-la-land? Remember how it always seems to be where you could fix the entire world's issues in that time and space? Scientists, in fact, have found an incredible increase in the brain's cognitive ability during this period. Some say, in fact, that this is where many of our past brilliant scientists were able to find their "Aha!" moment and create such things like the light bulb, the helicopter, the theory of relativity and so on and so forth.

What if you could retain 80% more information than before by taking a fancy cat-nap? What if you could help your autistic child immensely with a $100 gadget and 15 minutes a day? What if you could alleviate or eliminate your headaches or even migraines? What if your sports performance was greatly enhanced? Insomnia relieved? A Light and Sound machine is supposed to get your brain to that 'aha' state, by gently guiding your brain waves to that level and beyond, if necessary.

Now, I'm not promising anything, but I used to have one of these machines and it was lovely.

I used to have people standing in line to try my 'new-age' device. Mine was a little fancier than most, since it had thousands of pre-programmed options and could integrate with other CD's, even your own music CD. My favorite program to 'show off' the machine was one that integrated the blinking lights to the rhythms of the music! Try that program with the "Legends of the Falls" soundtrack and you have one fancy night of blissful alone-time (followed by a lovely nap, I'm sure!), with the back of your eyelids as the movie screen.

My dad is a truck driver and he uses it in his hotel room after his destination, so that he can immediately get his brain into the REM cycle for a faster, more rejuvenating sleep cycle, in less time.

Read up for more information here. If you are interested, there are a few mainstream models available on Amazon and eBay. The very basic models are all you need. The more expensive ones have some fancier options, but are not really necessary for most of the basic benefits mentioned in this post.

While you're at it, buy me one too! My expensive machine AND it's replacement were BOTH destroyed by a cat's gnawing jaw.

NOTE TO SELF: Keep expensive cords AWAY from animals with sharp teeth! (and 3 yr olds with the nickname 'destroyer' applied to them).

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