Going 'Primal' is the best thing I've done with my 'diet' yet!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, 5 lbs lost in 2 weeks! I can't complain! Here is my macro count for the day, yesterday:

I really can't seem to get my calories higher, but I am stuffing my big mouth with lots of food and my energy is great. I hit one energy lull in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, but after my workout, it was back up.

My lovely 'monthly visitor' showed up this week and I am happy to report NO bloating, NO cramping & NO mood swings! Wow.

Click here to order your copy today! I have a lot of 'health books' at home, so I was surprised that I even ordered this, but I am sure glad I did!

That's all for now!

Keep on searching for that healthier you and live your life to its fullest potential!!

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