Are you an 'Artificial Sweetener Hound?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Funny thing I've noticed through my 10 year progression in my search for health (well, more like a bouncing between the search for 'ultimate health' and simply just trying to 'LOSE WEIGHT NO MATTER WHAT!'), I found that I had a HUGE sweet-tooth and no matter what I did, I couldn't seem to kick that 'weakness' for good!

I tried Atkins in my biggest hour of desperation (I lasted MAYBE a week) and in doing so, I stumbled upon this wonderful (ahem) new sweetener named "Splenda". I wanted to buy stock in the company! Oh how I sang its praises! "Ingrid, it's made with chemicals" my parents BOTH chided me. Whaaaaaa? So, what ELSE am I to do???

I am happy to report that my sugar cravings are currently dropping rapidly (thanks to going 'Primal'!), but if you have a really hard time letting your sweets drop out of your daily 'GOTTA-HAVE-SWEET' demands, then let me enlighten you as to the possible dangers.

Click here to find out a little bit more on how these Manufacturers like to personally finance their OWN studies on just HOW safe their new chemical, er, I mean 'product' is for you!

Is there really "Life after Aspertame"? What if it is an 'Excitotoxin', one that kills?!

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