Going 'Primal' & STILL Loving It

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These are my completed macros for yesterday. This is pretty much how a typical day looks. A lot of healthy fat and protein, with minimal carbs. The carbs I do ingest appear to be from Almonds, Cherries, my liquid Multi-Vitamin and Vegetables.

Can I say it once more? YAY!! My acne, tendinitis and eczema are all STILL not afflicting me!

I need to finish this book, stat, so that I can hand it off to my mother. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis around my age and has more recently been diagnosed with Lupus. Cancer is very prevalent on both my mother and father's sides of the family. We lost my dad's sister to bone-marrow cancer, not too long ago and that was after she battled breast cancer.

My mother, bless her heart, immediately took to this new 'diet' idea with a firm belief!

I personally know that she'll begin to feel a whole lot better once her inflammatory conditions ease up. Her mind's sharp as a tack, but her body is making her feel 20 - 30 years older than she should.

Here is a look at what I ate yesterday. I never seem to make my caloric goals, which are set at a 500 calorie deficit from my max activity needs and then another 500 below that for my minimum caloric requirement (based on my usual daily activities). I guess it is true that low-carb, high protein and high fat will make you less hungry. Take THAT 'Conventional Wisdom'!

Have you ordered or read the book? I love how simple it is, but even with some of the scientific knowledge that I attempt to absorb through research daily, I am still a 'babe' in many ways and learned a great deal from his very basic, yet thorough description of how your body utilizes, stores and extracts the glucose it needs.

Turns out, that stupid Food Pyramid has some pretty serious flaws!

Give it a try, what have you got to lose? Oh, yeah, all of that fluffy 'conventional wisdom' about NEEDING whole grains for a balanced diet, for one. Trust me, I'm much better off without THAT bit of fluff confusing me day-in and day-out ;-)

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