Eating 'Primal' and loving it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I pre-ordered the "Primal Blueprint" book and so far, I really enjoy the simplification on how the body functions on insulin and how it affects your body's glucose use, storage, transportation, etc.

As for following the "Primal Blueprint", I really like it.

Normally you would assume that a Low-carb diet is bad for you, but like Mark points out, he'd rather it not be a 'Low-carb diet', rather an 'Eat the right carbs diet'.

I was confused as to how I was going to properly track actual carbohydrate consumption, so, I used Nutrition Data & FitDay to calculate my BMI, Daily Caloric & Macro needs so that I could shoot for a proper goal of calories and protein to fat to carbohydrates ratio.

I went ahead and finished my actuals for yesterday's meals so that I could compile a full analysis on my results.

As you can see, everything was spot on. My protein, my fats,, well, ok, so I was 7+ carbs over my maximum goal.

These caloric and macro goals are, mind you, set for my height and activity, as well as for faster weight loss. Maintenance daily carbs would be around 100 - 150 grams, and weight loss is around 50 - 100 grams (short-term Ketosis is 0 - 50 grams).

I'm not over by a lot, so I still feel great about that (I blame darn sweet tooth while I was watching TV last night!!! The peanut butter and honey were a healthier, smart choice, but ultimately pushed me over my numbers - especially with the sheer amount that I consumed!!! *Gulp!*).

I challenge you to take a look at your personal macro needs and track your daily food just to get the idea of what you are putting into your mouth. I think I'll shoot for mainly weight-loss carb goals with intermittent days of Ketosis and some 'cheat/ break days' at the maintenance levels.

It's not hard to do. Sure I don't eat oatmeal, bread or brown rice anymore, but honestly, I haven't lamented it once. With all of the consumption of my yummy protein and veggies, fruit and peanut butter will be for my indulgences. The 'icing on the cake', as it were (mmmmm...I still love a good cake!!!).

I am down 2.25 lbs since last week, so all of my exercise and eating healthy has made its mark, but now's the time to experiment with intermittent fasting, Ketosis and weight-loss zones to see if I can kick this body into its final stretch for that 20+ weight loss that I so desperately long for!

Did you order the book or take a look at Mark's site?

It's always worth a look. Let me know if you've had any opinions on the matter, along with any experiences that you'd like to share.

Let me know if you have any questions. As usual, I am not an expert, but I do love my research, so I will do my best to answer to the best of my 'research ability'.

* By the way, did I mention that since going to Cast Iron skillets (I'm allergic to Nickel, so Stainless Steel is not a good choice for me) and cutting out grain products has lead me to a clear complexion and a drastic reduction in eczema? No? Well I am loving it so far! Even my 'Tennis Elbow' has been keeping its dang mouth shut, in regards to pain, when I lift heavy weights! I can feel the tendon click still, however, no inflammation or pain!!!

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