30 Day Primal Health Challenge

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Although I'm new to the idea of living a "Primal" life, as introduced by Mark Sisson, I am not altogether against his ideas either. I wasn't sure as to how his low-carb based diet was in regards to actual health, but I one thing I do know of this principle is that it seems to really help shed the fat off of body builders and fitness and figure competitors when it comes time for show. But what about me? Is it that important and healthy to live on a daily average of 100 carbs more or less? My instincts say that this idea of a daily 'regulated' insulin response may make sense (not IN ketosis, mind you, but just on the 'verge of' it).

Mark suggests attempting a full 30 day 'what-if' challenge. What if for 30 days you 'acted' like those full-forced fitness freaks and health nuts? Would you feel better? Possibly. Would you lose weight? I'm quite sure you would. Would you be healthier? I think if you make sure that you ingest enough carbs for your particular body and activity level, consumed more vegetables, quality protein and took care in eliminating/ reducing your intake of chemicals and other harmful toxins/ poisons, then I'm quite sure that the answer would be "without a doubt!".

I just ordered his book, but I am not sure as to when it will come, so I am sitting on my hands, just waiting for this encyclopedia, of sorts, of Mark's idea for living the "Primal" life.

Will it rid me of my digestive issues? My acne? My excema? My cellulite and fat? I sure as heck hope so!

So, join me, if you will, in this 'experimental' phase of my life, as I delve into a more 'primal' way of living. I already follow most of the basics, so the only thing left is to adopt the low-carb portion of this challenge.

Feel free to peruse Mark's informational site (click on the title name, above) and I will post items of interest here so that we can all get into this 'groove' for a healthier, happier, more natural way of living!

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