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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do you truly love your pets?

Most pet lovers love their pets enough to make sure that they are safe and in exquisite health, even spending thousands of dollars on them in the form of vet office visits, immunizations and surgeries.

Personally, I'd love to say that I'm one of those pet owners. Not that I don't do everything that I can for them, but I'm not always in a financial position to pay for every little vet visit. There have been times where we've been quite down on our luck and couldn't even afford to put a pet down. It's heart-breaking.

I do buy "IAMS" cat food, which makes their coats VERY shiny. I've heard there are other (better) formulas out there, but as far as availability and good results, I've never had a problem with "IAMS", not to mention that it's easily obtained at a local supermarket instead of buying it from a vet or special order off of the Internet.

If you do not use "IAMS" and/ or are not sure about the amount of oil/ fats your pets are receiving, make sure to supplement their food with Salmon Oil.

If your pet sheds, they are most likely not getting enough fats in their diet. Just go to your local pet store and they should have a big bottle with a large dispenser pump so that you can pump it on top of their food daily (they LOVE the taste!). Optimal pet food would be homemade formulas, such as mostly raw meat and organ scraps with vegetables and animal fat (more protein for cats). You can find some great resources on these 'recipes' all over the net (read: The Truth About Pet Food). Again, this depends on your level of dedication based on time and financial restraints.

Why am I posting about pets? Well, I had a scare this last week. Let's just say that one kitten is now with the great maker in the sky and the mother cat was near to joining her. The mother kitty was becoming severely ill and had a hard time moving around. She drug herself away from her babies and I thought she was looking for a place to die in peace. I wasn't sure what her issue was, as I suspected that she had worms, so I decided to give her what I had access to in my 'shelf of miracles' (aka, my all-natural remedies cabinet).

I grabbed my bottle of 'Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide' and hastily researched the net for the correct dilution for oral consumptions in pets. Please note that the enzyme, Lactase, is very different between humans and most other animals, therefore requiring a very different dilution percentage, so as to not make the animal sick (veterinarians actually suggest giving large dilutions of H2O2 to pets who need to vomit in certain cases of toxin/ poison ingestion).

To make a long story short, after giving the mother cat a dropper-full of this newly concocted dilution of H2O2 to distilled water, she started to improve rather rapidly! I tried to give her one dropper every hour and within 2 days, she was back to eating, drinking & feeding her babies!

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the original sickness was from a blocked mammary gland, causing mastitis, which became very septic, poisoning her poor little body. I had mastitis with my second-born and let me tell ya, it's horrible! You ache all over, your body is burning up with a high fever and you just want to die!

I found the blackened and hugely swollen nipple on the mother cat and applied a saturation of water and H2O2 to that nipple for as long as the mother cat would let me (which was surprisingly a long time!) and within the next 2 days, her body had just opened up and released the infection. It was gnarly, let me tell you! I freaked at first, thinking she needed stitches, but she wasn't limping around and the site was not infected, so I decided to let the body heal on it's own. It worked. She's gained her weight back and the massive 'hole' in her stomach is nearly healed.

Combined with prayers and some H2O2, I've found my own method for healing a severely ill animal, for pennies on the dollar.

I'll give you the dilution that I used and feel free to make up a batch and supplement your pet's drinking water with it. Not only will it sanitize their water so that it is free of disease-causing microbes, but it will also supplement your pet's body with disease-killing properties that may prevent and even eliminate many problems like heart-worm, intestinal worms and other nasty microbes that are normally treated by a vet with dangerous drugs.

Here's the solution that saved my sweet little momma-kitty's life:

I added this to the main water supply as well as into a bottle with a dropper so that I could administer it to her once every hour while she was initially in grave deterioration.

After the animal improves, continue to supplement their main water source indefinitely.

Remember, with H2O2, less is more and using more than this suggested dilution can even be harmful.

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