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Friday, March 5, 2010

Want to know where I get my information? My love for all things 'healthy'? Well, my parents 'infected' me with the 'health-bug' at a very early age, but lately, I can attribute a lot of ongoing education and inspiration to my fellow 'primal' bloggers.

Time for some link love.


My favorite 'chef' has to be "Joyful Abode". She's a personal friend of mine and a very inspiring cook. She's currently hosting a little bun in the proverbial oven, so we'll see how well she handles a blog, cooking from scratch as well as being a mother & wife, but if I know her as well as I do, she'll do JUST fine!

Son of Grok, is was one of the originals for great recipes. Looks like he'll be coming out with a recipe book soon!

Elizabeth, with Caveman Food can cook up a beautiful bounty of healthy food, with lovely pictures to boot! Check out that recent recipe for "GO-TO CURRY shrimpy style"! Makes my mouth water!

Can't forget Starro with N1Kitchen. Fabulous inspirational site for food!


My pal, Daniel started a blog encouraging us to sweat, but as you will see, there is also much more that he has to offer!


Hyperlipid shows us REAL, SCIENTIFIC facts on why good, real, fat is not only NOT bad for you, but absolutely necessary! Before you blast me on my love for good dietary fat, take a good long virtual walk through this guy's extensive blog on research and FACTS that will get you on the same page with me regarding the silly (nay, the dangerous) myth that fat is bad for you!

In the same token, "The Heart Scan Blog" shows us the truth behind arterial plaque and heart disease (SPOILER! It's NOT [healthy] dietary fat!!!!)

Only trust a doctor? How about a real M.D. with a wonderful grasp on real dietary truth! Dr. Mike Eades, author of "Protein Power", is also one of the creators of a new, in-home, Sous Vide machine (I will be posting about this soon).

Dr. Mercola is a 'cult favorite' for those of us into 'real' nutrition, proactive health and healing. I also love the products and supplements that he offers as well. All-in-all, a fabulous resource of mine!

These are just the tip of the iceberg for my favorites, I apologize to anyone I've left out. I will revisit my link-sharing post another day, so stay tuned and contact me if you want to be featured!

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