My Sugar Addiction - Part 1 UPDATE

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I ventured into supplementation and I feel a tad bit a silly ninny for stopping my supplements a while back because it's really obvious to me now, how I needed them.

I am 1 day back on Niacin, Chromium, Vit D3 and Vit B Complex, among others, and I feel fabulous. I sat and watched my 4 year old eat a (Primal) chocolate cupcake and I didn't think twice about reaching for one myself. Not a few days earlier, I would've wrestled it out of his hand, biting and clawing at anything that got in my way, no doubt!

Now, to be honest, I am in the last days before my female cycle 'ends' (and the true misery begins), so this little experiment has not yet played itself out, however, I do know that I feel better, regardless.

Do you have a Sugar Addiction of your own? Have you faltered on your intake of supplements yourself? I urge you to take a high-quality supplement, like a Women's/ Men's formula or a liquid mulivitamin and see how you feel. I mean high quality too. Taking 'Centrum' does not qualify either! Again, another blog topic, saved for another day....

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