Do your dietary habits stem from basic 'public' knowledge?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I like research. I do some of my own and heck, I like to do mini-experiments on myself (thus the creation of this blog), but I find it fascinating, nay, more-than-a-coincidence that since the induction of "Fat is bad for you, cut out the butter and use margarine" in the 80's, our obesity rate has spiraled out of control! Why? More fast food joints? Not really. Actually, 'they' made McDonalds change from frying their fries in real fat, to hydrogenated fat! No wonder their fries are the worse things on the menu (next to the McNuggets), but I digress.

What if it's all been a BIG FAT LIE!?

Take a look at this article. It's lengthy, but worth a read. I agree with him in that, "...researchers point out that there are plenty of reasons to suggest that the low-fat-is-good-health hypothesis has now effectively failed the test of time. In particular, that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic that started around the early 1980's, and that this was coincident with the rise of the low-fat dogma. (Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, also rose significantly through this period.) They say that low-fat weight-loss diets have proved in clinical trials and real life to be dismal failures, and that on top of it all, the percentage of fat in the American diet has been decreasing for two decades. Our cholesterol levels have been declining, and we have been smoking less, and yet the incidence of heart disease has not declined as would be expected."

Stop believing the crap that your fat next-door neighbor believes, "fat is bad for you", because BAD fat is bad for you. Cut all fat out completely or severely minimize it in your diet and you will suffer the dire consequences.

Tom Naughton, in "Fat Head", delivers a hilarious, yet informative view into the food industry and how we are being completely misinformed about dietary fat and what really causes arterial damage (hint, it's not fat or salt!!).

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