Oil Pulling - Myth, mystery, bunk?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Greetings from my bipolar weather front that is the Seattle, WA area!

I thought I'd start my blog off with a new Ayurvedic method (or at least pretty new to me), called Oil Pulling.

I initially thought it was a crock when I first heard of it, but, like most things that seem to have a high amount of positive feedback in the ayurvedic/ homeopathic/ all-natural healing world, I went ahead and did some research on the origination of, the application of and the results of this strange, yet interesting method of pulling toxins from the body.

If you need basic information on this method, please click on post title above to see what it's all about.

I personally, have done some very minor experimenting with this one and when I did, here were my initial personal experiences:

* Teeth did indeed feel cleaner, like I just got back from the Dental Hygienist.

* All 3 times that I completed this 'remedy', I started with an inkling of a sore throat and all 3 times, the sore throat immediately vanished within 5 minutes of practicing this application.

Were my teeth whiter? Possibly, I cannot be sure. Did I have any loosening of diseased teeth or anchoring of wiggly teeth? No, thank goodness that whatever teeth I do have are not currently diseased, that I know of, and so, are fully stabilized within their anchored regions.

I completed my most recent 'experimentation' of this 'application' this morning, on my way to the gym, and will continue to do so for the next week and perhaps even longer. I brought all necessary items with me to work today, so that I could apply the experimentation throughout the day. My lovely tummy, however, does not like to go without food for longer than 3 hrs and I am supposed to give a 4 hr window between drinks and meals for the application to work correctly. Sigh. Oh well, such is the usual application of any method having to do with the removal of toxins.

Let me post my current 'ailments' and my hope in this experimental application for possibly easing, elevating and/ or healing them altogether:

1. Eczema. I can get this lovely crud down to a minimum if I'm being a REALLY good girl and not eating processed foods and my colon is healthy, but it ALWAYS comes back and never leaves permanently.

2. Acne. Ditto on this regarding the previous comments made on my eczema. Obviously, I am toxic since Eczema and acne are signs of toxicity.

3. Colon Health. You will hear me talk about this numerous times, so if it makes you squeamish, this is not the blog for you! The size, consistency, color, frequency, etc, are all MAJOR indications of your body's health. My colon's 'health' has been teetering back and forth this past year or so and it is always accompanied with my acne and eczema. From what I've been told, these all go hand-in-hand and from my experiences, I believe it.

4. Weight-loss. I can lose weight and used to lose it rather quickly, however, when the first three previously-mentioned issues are prevalent, I cannot effectively lose weight (if you’re not pooping, you’re not losing!!!).

5. Lethargy. Since I’ve been working out, eating ‘clean’ (very few processed foods), I have a higher energy level than ever, but I think I might benefit from more energy.

6. Nails. They say that your overall health can be measured by the health of your nails and hair. This is scary, since all I’ve EVER known are weak, splitting, thin, brittle nails. I think I need more calcium and I will explore this in another post/ experimentation, at a later time.

7. Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome and Tennis Elbow/ Tendonitis. Since both of these have to do with joints, either having to do with the tendon or the cartilage of a joint, I went ahead and lumped them together. Most of Western Medicine believes that problems like this cannot be fixed naturally, however, I know the power of the mind and body and I wouldn’t be surprised in the possibility of re-growing cartilage and/ or reconstructing/ repairing a tendon.

8. Tooth Decay. I lied. I think I do have one tooth that has some amount of decay, but no one can ever really pinpoint whether or not it truly is diseased. It happens to be the first tooth that I had a root canal on when I was 18, however, both doctors (one started the root canal, the other ‘finished’ it), were (apparently) unable to extract and effectively kill all pathogens, thus a slightly achy tooth (VERY rarely). 15 years have gone by and it’s still strongly anchored in my mouth and not bothersome much, so I am slightly aware of the condition, however I am very interested in remedying the issue on my own.

That’s it! I meant for this post to be short, but alas, I am long-winded and thus am full of hot air (psychologists determined that women need to get at least 20,000 words out a day, in comparison to men’s meager amount…I think it’s below a couple hundred…but does it matter? ;-)

I will post more on my methodology and results throughout the week.



Anonymous said...

For your hair & nails, beta carotene is far more important than calcium

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