Truly Healthy SPF Protection

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm so sick of the tired old cliche that is being preached by doctors and dermatologists: "Stay out of the sun", "Use a high-rated SPF for protection from skin cancer". Now, there's a 10% tanning salon tax since these 'officials' and the government have deemed tanning to be 'unhealthy'.

Did you know that the benefits of the sun outweigh the negative affects of sun-worshipping? It's true! Actually, too little sun can CAUSE skin cancer, breast cancer, severe asthma attacks (in asthmatics), severe depression, chronic fatigue, preeclampsia, preterm berth, gestational diabetes, accelerated aging and other nasty ill-effects. I kid you not. In fact, Vitamin deficiency is quite common in the US.

Anyway, I have come across thousands of news and blog posts on the MANY reasons that Vitamin D is necessary, so I don't want to beat a dead horse here. By the way, I take 10K IU's a day and I was STILL just under the recommended amount in my recent blood draw, so the USRDA recommendation of 400IU's/ day is ABSURD! Did you know that your body uses anywhere from 2,500 - 5,000 IU's per DAY?! Even scientists from the Departments of Nutritional Sciences, and Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, came to the conclusion that "Even prolonged physiologic-replacement intake of 10,000 IU per day of vitamin D3 would pose no known risk of adverse effects in virtually all adults".

So, having said that, you want to get your Vitamin D from a healthy dose of sun-exposure, but you most certaintly don't want to burn, right? (RIGHT!). So, what's a 'healthy' fool like us to do, eh? (Either that made me sound like a Canadian or an old-timer....not sure which....).

Personally, I like to soak up the first 20 minutes of sun (when I'm bone-white) and then cover up with either sun block or clothing (or a combination of both) when I know I'll be outside ALL day, like playing sports, or out on the boat, etc. Also, you don't want your wee-children to get a sunburn, as that is not only harmful and painful, but you could be charged with child abuse if it's bad enough!

Here's a suggested solution that has worked for me:

  1. Build up your tolerance of the sun. Start with small exposures (depending on how 'lilly-white' you are) and work your way up. Now, those of you of the 'red-haired persuasion' may be laughing at me here, but some of you can build up your tolerance (some, maybe not so much and I understand).
  2. After the small exposures you will need to protect yourself for the rest of the time, with additional clothing and/ or sunscreen. I do NOT suggest, however, using the normal 'drug-store' formulas, as they contain a whole host of toxins, ready to shut down your liver and kidneys due to toxic overload!
So, now that regular sunscreens are not advisable, WHAT ARE WE TO DO?!
Gardener's Armor 250x250Well, I recently came across a new formula that is not only waterproof, but it's non-toxic and safe for daily use by both you and your children. It's called "Gardener's Armor" and it's the best alternative to those other toxic sunscreens that masquerade as 'healthy protection from the sun'.

The additional bonus to wearing "Gardener's Armor", is that it also protects from insect bites and poison ivy! (Can YOUR drugstore brand do all of that AND be toxin-free?).

Personally, I refuse to promote ANYTHING that I wouldn't or haven't used myself, so I do recommend that you give this one a try and let me know what you think.

With so many toxins assaulting our bodies, this will be one less stressor on you, allowing you to still absorb some sun and then protect from sunburn and other nasty irritations, while keeping your health intact!

Gardener's Armor: Protect Your Hands from Sun, Poison Ivy and Bugs.

Try building up your tolerance levels while using this safe formula and then see if you can go without it indefinitely! Personally, I am in the Pacific Northwest, so when (WHEN) the sun is out, the rays are not particularly strong, however, I have built up my tolerance enough to be able to be out most of the day without ANY protection and still not burn! I'm of Norwegian heritage (I'm really a blond, actually!), so this is quite a feat for me!

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