Just sweat!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't have time to workout?

I don't have time.

Or do I?

Sure, some deep-down desires/ goals/ dreams just need us to make sacrifices in other areas of our lives in order to accomplish them. Me? I skipped the gym today. Why? I was being a lazy butt-head. A big, fat lazy SOB who made excuses. That's right. I admit it.

So, what will you do to make a change in the health of your life today?

Will you focus on more, high-quality Grass-fed beef? Support your local farmer and purchase free-range eggs?

How about creating a simple, home-gym for you to utilize? What if all you need are some resistance bands and a trampoline?

I have everything I need, but right now, it's too cold to use it all out in the drafty shed and I like my gym, as my company is giving me a discount rate (I think I pay less than $18/ month). The point is, however, that even if I didn't have my cushy gym, I'd have to push past my 'cushy' little set of excuses to make it work.

Spring will be upon us (soon I hope, I hope, I hope....) and let's just push ALL excuses aside to state the very obvious: "Get outside and start moving!". There, I said it. Go for a bike ride (my youngest was too little, so I scoured 'Craigslist' and found a bike trailer that was barely used for $45!

With a little ingenuity, determination and a 'go-get-'em' attitude, you can change your quality of life (not to mention the extension of your time spent on this earth).

Join me, won't you? In proclaiming your place in this world as 'one of those healthy people'. If nothing, take one step at a time.

Take a cue from my friend Daniel. He encourages you to just SWEAT! Now GO!

(And, ahem, I will go too. No more excuses! Repeat after me!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!)

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